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Power & Utility Company Dangerous Dog/Person Training Program

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Program Development: Ambulance
The Dangerous Dog Defense Certification Course© was designed and developed to provide a realistic and proven protection, field training system for employees who in the course of their employment are subject to the potential attack of a dog, animal, or physically combative violent person.

Course Profile: A “four hour certification training program” designed and developed with backed in court certification implemented specifically for company employees who are risk of confronting dangerous dogs and animals. Various use and applications include: Expandable Dangerous Dog Bite Blocker™ & DPS Extreme Range OC Defense Spray. These will be extensively instructed when Field Service personnel are confronted with high threat dangerous dog or subject conditions. This progressive and proven certification course provides all equipment and training designed to protect Field Service Personnel from dog or animal attack as well as reduce potentially costly workman compensation claims.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Recognition and identification of dangerous dog behaviors including: dominant, predatory and offensive posturing.
  • Positive, proven pre-post engagement techniques and tactics when confronting potentially dangerous dogs and key de-escalation methods from dangerous persons.
  • Specific hands-on training techniques with the Dangerous Dog Bite Blocker™ and/or OC Extreme Range® Defense Spray during dangerous encounters with dogs and escaping from physically combative persons.
  • Written exam & documentation procedures for reports & court.

Liability Issues: Avoidance and Prevention
This program was created in conjunction with the legal department of a leading Power Company to specifically address potential company liability issues. The course is designed and provides strict user policy guidelines to limit the application of the equipment to those situations where the employee is in imminent danger of serious bodily harm. The primary focus of this course is on awareness, recognition and avoidance, most importantly this system provides field proven and lawful employee physical protection when the attack does occur.

Practical, Retention-Based Self Defense:
Defensive methods and techniques as well as the use of specific equipment are taught as a final resort where no other option is available to the employee. The main purpose of the Dangerous Dog Bite Blocker™ is not to harm or injure, but to offer the attacking animal an object to receive its bite while causing it sufficient discomfort to dissuade it from biting again. The DPS Extreme Range® (17 & 20’), ballistic stream OC defense spray is specifically designed to be more effective against animals and subjects than other low power, short range sprays currently on the market. Although uncomfortable and irritating, there have been no reports of dogs being permanently injured or harmed by the spray. It is easily removed by washing the dog with water and liquid dish soap, such as Dawn® or other non-oily based soap. Decontamination is thoroughly instructed.

In the event the employee is attacked or has been required to use the Dangerous Dog Bite Blocker™ or DPS Extreme Range® OC Defense Spray, notification and reporting procedures are included in the course training, including immediate notification to the Company and proper law enforcement or animal control authorities.

Expert Witness Testimony:
In the event that your company is a named defendant in any lawsuit arising out of a certified employee’s proper use of our training tactics or equipment, filed in a court of competent jurisdiction within the United States, TJA Use of Force Training, Inc. will provide its 26 years of expert witness testimony, as to its course content, training methods, procedures, and certification process, at no fee to your company (other than reasonable travel expenses).

Safety Certification Training Programs are available for:

  • FSRS & Meter Readers
  • Collections
  • Revenue Protection
  • Linemen
  • Marketing Services & Corporate Real Estate
  • Office Personnel
  • Security

Program formats:
1. Two to three hour general session safety lecture -dangerous dog & dangerous Person - Personal safety Workshop.
2. Three to four hour Dangerous Dog Defense Basic Certification Course -Bite Blocker™ & DPS Extreme Range® OC Defense Spray* – 4 hours - and/or DPS Extreme Range® OC Defense Spray only* – 3 hours.
3. Instructor Level “Train the Trainer” Dangerous Dog Defense & Dangerous Person Certification Training Course -Bite Blocker™ and/or DPS Extreme Range® OC Defense Spray – 2 days - DPS Extreme Range® OC Defense Spray only – 1 day

* All equipment is provided for the training as well as deep discounted rates for re-stocking used, expired or replacement items.

Since 2003, TJA has conducted its highly-acclaimed “Dangerous Dog Defense Training Program” for several major power companies. A cost effective in-house “train the trainer certification program” is now available in one or two day formats on-site at your location nationwide. “This program has proven to be the most successful and statistically verified training for the reduction in dog bites/attacks throughout the U.S.”

Provide your employees with the BEST OF THE BEST – PERSONAL SAFETY TRAINING in the United States today. All programs are fully “backed in court”; provide exactly what is required for unsurpassed safety for personnel tasked with field operations.

Protect your field Personnel!

Dangerouseness has increased with spiked, customer assaultive behavior against field personnel durring the last two years nationally!

Since 2003, TJA Dangerous Dog Defense Programs have a proven track record:

  • No customer complaints
  • No disciplinary actions
  • No legal actions
  • No criminal actions against employee’s
  • No workman compensation claims
  • Reduced overtime
  • Overall safer work environment
  • Positive, increased employee moral.

Join the following companies who have had a 95% reduction in dog bites:

  • Georgia Power Company
  • Alabama Power Company
  • ComEd (Execelon)
  • Allegheny Power
  • Florida Power & Light
  • Delmarva Power
  • and many more...

Credible Corporate Certification Safety Training™


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