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Hospital Security & Safety Specialized Use of
Force Instructor Certification Course©

Hospital Security & Safety Specialized Use of Force Instructor Certification Course© PDF


Course Profile:
A five day intensive and extensive Use of Force training program covering critical aspects of use of force techniques & tactics by today's Hospital Police, Security & Safety Officer. Developed within national, Federal Hospital Securityparameters of use of force by Hospital police & security officers, the program follows escalation & de-escalation of force based on the highly acclaimed, court proven "Ladder of Force Continuum©." This continuum has been recognized as a standard for juries in Federal Court cases since 1986 in better understanding police & security use of force actions. This nationally researched and continually updated course has been designed and developed to protect departments from costly liability and workman compensation issues resulting from inadequate training in the proper and judicious control of passive and violent subjects.

Training Agenda Addresses the Following Topics:

Day 1-2 Control & Restraint Techniques - Instructor Certification.
Understanding the four types of anger, key verbal de-escalation techniques, body space parameters, understanding body mechanics, joint locations, body engine theory, dynamics of control & restraint. Hands-on easy-to-learn & retain control & restrain tech's, realistic handcuffing tactics, use of restraints for handling EDP's, juveniles, elderly persons and person sprayed with OC.

Day 3 - "Updated" OC Aerosol Spray - Instructor Certification.
This non-manufacturer specific training addresses all spray patterns, formulations, manufacturers products, latest spray units & riot canisters & grenades. Latest up-to-date decontamination methods, decon-product availability, medical aspects and national OC issues with training considerations. Considered the leading OC course in the United States today.

Day 4 - Emergency Response Belt - Instructor Certification.
Covering the highly acclaimed tough-cloth protective and restraint device. Since 1990, carried on the belt with handcuffs & OC Spray, it is regarded as the premier device for controlling, moving and transporting violent subjects with ease.

Day 5 - Edged Weapons Awareness & Spontaneous Response Instructor.
The most realistic, proven and retention designed training system in the world today. Developed in England, this system has been documented to save more than 1200 officers lives to date. Since 9/11 personal possession of knives has increased 250%!

Certification & Instructor:
All of the TJA Protect-Systems-International programs are fully certified and recognized throughout the United States for 27 years. Since1983, President & Chief Instructor, Thomas J. Archambault has trained and certified thousands of instructors from local, county, state, federal and U.S. Military levels of law enforcement, corrections and security in use of force training programs. The company fully backs in court its training programs and certified instructors in the unlikely event of litigation. Five (5) year "backed in court certification awarded after successful completion of the prescribed program. TJA is an approved U.S. DOJ training vendor.

Comprehensive Self-Protection Certification Training for Health Care Professionals and Line-staff™

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