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Train the Trainer Course

Health Care Professional TJA Non-Violent Self-Protection©

"Train the Trainer Certification Course And In-House Facility Line Staff Training Program"

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First Line of Defense: Protect your employees and your clients! And to do this, Training is Key!

Train the Trainer COURSE PROFILE:

Hospital StaffThis three-day "Train-the-Trainer" certification course is specifically designed and developed for Healthcare Professionals. Recommended for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, CCRC, adult day care, psychiatric facilities, hospice, home care agencies, rehab centers and drug/alcohol facilities. The Train the Trainer Course is designed to provide a comprehensive curriculum to instruct the TJA Non-Violent Self-Protection© basic certification program to facility line staff. This thoroughly researched and realistic training program fully addresses the contemporary issues and liability conditions facing health care professionals when dealing with verbally and physically combative patients, family members and visitors.

The comprehensive course provides the necessary tools and information for personal safety of all persons present during a violent incident, providing quality patient care as well as protecting, expensive vital equipment in the health care environment. This "fully backed in court" certification program additionally provides a comprehensive, nationally based use of force policy for health care facility implementation. "The program delivers a multi- staff approach to the effective management of potentially dangerous conditions in any healthcare setting."

Train the Trainer COURSE and Certification Class is recommended for:
Nurse Educators, Regional Trainers, PT, OT, Rehab Directors, In-service Directors, Private Consultants and Trainers

To qualify for this Train the Trainer program you must have a 2 or 4 year degree, be an RN or LPN or have 5 years documented employment with a health care facility.

In House Training:
We can bring the 4-hour to 8-hour non-violent self-protection course to your line staff.

Who should attend the in house training:
Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, Personal Care Assistants, Activity Professionals, Admissions, Security, Maintenance Workers, Housekeepers, Dietary Workers, Mental Health Workers, Social Workers, Clergy, Volunteers, Physicians, etc. Any staff that comes in contact with your clients, patients or customers should attend this course.

We can provide on-site training for your line staff and at the same time provide Train the Trainer certification training anywhere in the United States and world. Line-Staff training programs are between 4-8 hours in length and are tailored to meet the needs of your clients, customers and patients and fulfill state requirements. When booking a seminar, please email us the link to your state regulations.

Upon successful completion of the course, your Line-Staff will be certified in:
TJA Non-Violent Self-Protection ™

"Train the Trainer" certification is valid for a period of three (3) years and can be renewed by an Internet based re-certification program. Upon successful completion Trainers will be certified as:
TJA Health Care Non-Violent Self-Protection Specialist™

Topics Covered in the program include:

  • Safe use of alternative options when handling high threat situations and conditions in the healthcare environment.
  • Understanding the 4 types of anger, effective and proven verbal de-escalation skills, body space parameters and medical causes of violence.
  • Handling hysterical persons, intoxicated, mentally ill and other potentially violent persons by healthcare professionals.
  • Escapes from grabs, chokes, hair-pulls, flailing limbs and more is also covered.
  • Easy to learn and retain control, restraint, movement, and transport of violent persons with the non-weapon classified, tough cloth, Emergency Response Belt®.
  • Precise restraining tactics for the effective control of both passive and violent persons.
  • Hands-on practical exercises & scenarios are conducted for real life conditions.
  • Documentation procedures for administrative reports when dealing with verbally and physically combative persons on health care property.
  • Student teaching and problem solving considerations, and certification procedures for training other personnel in the basic certification course; Review of the TJA Health Care Self-Protection/Use of Force Policy©.

SPECIAL NOTE: TJA Non-Violent Self-Protection© Certification Programs are Designed and Tailored to meet your Specific Needs, Requirement's and State Regulations.

Benefits of this training: Insures confidence for staff when handling crisis conditions, lowers injuries, overtime costs, workman compensation claims, reduces costly litigation, provides staff with a positive moral that their employer is concerned for their personal safety and much more…………

Train the Trainer Program Provisions:

  • All TJA Non-Violent Self-Protection© "Train the Trainer" course materials include basic line-staff course training outline, pre-post testing written examinations, practical test sheet and a PowerPoint® program on a flash-drive.
  • Three (3) year "backed in court" certification with renewal provided on an Internet based re-certification program.
  • 24/7 Instructor - Train the Trainer telephone support.
  • Dedicated personal "Train the Trainer" Internet support forum and Q&A section for all training needs and requirements.
  • Discount pricing on self-protection equipment, restraints and more……


Comprehensive Self-Protection Certification Training for Health Care Professionals and Line-staff™

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