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THERAPEUTIC CONTROLWith the Emergency Response Belt®

With the Emergency Response Belt®

“Train the Trainer Certification Course”

The Emergency Response Belt®
“A Legally Defensible and Medically Reviewed Solution to Reduce Risk When Managing Violence”

LOCATION: Offered Nationwide in Host/Contract formats

“Enhance your Crisis Intervention Training with Superior Physical Control”

ERBCOURSE PROFILE: This day & half (12 hour) “train-the-trainer” certification course is specifically designed and developed for mental health, psychiatric care and ER professionals. It is highly recommended for staff working in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, CCRC, adult day care, psychiatric facilities, hospice, home care agencies, rehab centers, mental health and drug/alcohol rehab facilities. The “Train the Trainer” Course is designed to provide a comprehensive ERBcurriculum to instruct the TJA Therapeutic Control © basic certification program with use and applications of the 22 year, high acclaimed safe, tough cloth, Emergency Response Belt® to line staff. A thoroughly researched and realistic, high retention training ERBprogram it fully addresses physically confrontational conditions facing mental health care professionals. This “fully backed in court” certification program additionally provides a nationally based self-protection and use of force policy with the ERB® for mental health staff and facility implementation. “The program delivers a multi-staff approach to the effective management of potentially dangerous conditions in any mental health setting.”


Topics Covered in the program include:
1. Safe use of alternative options when handling high threat situations and conditions in the healthcare environment.
ERB2. Confrontational Avoidance training; proven verbal de-escalation skills, safe body space parameters and mechanics of balance in various environments.
3. Understanding and training in body power engine theory for effective control of the extremities.
4. Easy to learn and retain extremity control, passive restraint, immobilization, movement and safe transport of potentially violent persons with the non-weapon classified, tough cloth, Emergency Response Belt®
5. Hands-on practical exercises & scenarios are conducted for real life conditions
6. Documentation procedures for administrative reports when dealing with verbally and physically combative persons on health care property.
ERB7. Student teaching and problem solving considerations; certification procedures for training other personnel in the basic certification course; review of the Emergency Response Belt® User/Guidelines certification policy.

TUITION: $795.00 per person with Five (5) year Instructor certification .
[Note: On-site, tailor designed contracts available at cost-effective rates]

Includes: training manual, USB-Flash-drive with complete ERB® PowerPoint™ presentation, Emergency Response Belt® with convenient lite-weight carrier case worn on the belt.

“Comprehensive Self-Protection Certification Training for Mental Health & Emergency Care Professionals”



ERB1. What is the Emergency Response Belt®?
It is a patented “tough cloth” protective, control and immobilizing device conveniently worn on the belt with a provided carrier case.

ERB2. How long has the device been in use?
Since 1990 in virtually every profession that has to manage violent individuals. The ERB® has saved millions of dollars to facilities worldwide in reduced injuries, workman’s compensation claims and lawsuits.

ERB3. What makes the ERB® so effective?
In two words: “wrapping effect.” Trying to control the extremities with the hands is extremely difficult and often fails due to you’re and the patients: hand/arm/leg size, hand/arm/leg strength; perspiration, oils, loose clothing and more. With the ERB®’s wrapping effect; the device provides “handles on the limbs/body providing superior physical control of the extremities.

4. How come I have never seen the Emergency Response Belt® before?
Primarily due to its mandated training. The device has been in consistent use in correctional and juvenile justice arenas with highly acclaimed success with no injuries. Cognitive violent behavior is generally far more dangerous than medical/mental health situations. The inventor wanted to establish solid credibility with the ERB® over a twenty year period before instituting national release to the healthcare and psychiatric environment. The devices extreme success in the United Kingdom health trust (emergency and mental health fields) was the primary reason for the ERB®’s 2012 release to healthcare and the mental health/psychiatric care fields.

5. How much does the Emergency Response Belt® cost?
Only $99.00/ device w/ the carrier case. Average term of use is 10 years, providing an extremely cost-effective, safe, injury preventative device.


ERB Use in the UK


ERB Staff Evaluations PowerPoint in PDF format





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