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Educator Self-Protection Non-Violence Certification Course



Educator Self-Protection Non-Violence Certification CourseThis one-day certification course is specifically designed and developed for Educators. It is highly recommended for staff working in middle school, high school and charter schools that have the potential to deal with physically combative or high threat students in the education environment. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive curriculum to give the needed knowledge and skills for basic certification to school staff. A thoroughly researched and realistic training program it fully addresses the contemporary issues and liability conditions facing educators when dealing with verbally and physically combative students, family members and visitors. This “fully backed in court” certification program additionally provides a comprehensive, nationally based self-protection and use of force policy for education facility implementation. “The program delivers a multi-staff approach to the effective management of potentially dangerous conditions in any educational setting.”
Topics Covered in the program include:

  1. Safe use of alternative options when handling high threat situations and conditions in the education environment.
  2. Understanding the 4 types of anger, effective and proven verbal de-escalation skills, body space parameters and medical causes of violence
  3. Handling hysterical persons, intoxicated, mentally ill and other potentially violent students or persons by educational professionals.
  4. Escapes from grabs, chokes and hair-pulls is also covered.
  5. Easy to learn and retain control, restraint, movement, and transport of violent persons with the non-weapon classified, tough cloth, Emergency Response Belt®
  6. Hands-on practical exercises & scenarios are conducted for real life conditions.
  7. Documentation procedures for administrative and law enforcement reports when dealing with verbally and physically combative students/persons on school property.
  8. Review of the TJA Educational Self-Protection/Use of Force Policy©

TUITION: $195.00 per person. Includes course materials, three-year certification and an Emergency Response Belt® w/carrier case. [Discounted contract costs available for school districts]

CERTIFICATION AND INSTRUCTOR: Thomas J. Archambault, President-Chief Instructor for TJA Protection-Systems-International & TJA Use of Force Training, Inc., will be the instructor for this program. A nationally recognized and highly evaluated, self-protection, use of force expert and trainer, he has more than 28 years national and international training experience. TJA has trained and certified thousands of trainers from virtually every profession who has to handle potential violent conditions. The Company fully “backs in court” its training programs and certified instructors at “NO COST” in the unlikely event of litigation. Call 239-281-5181 or E-Mail:

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