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RV Defense™ is the most powerful defense spray in the United States today! Brought to the RV Community by an avid Rv’er himself, Thomas J. Archambault travels nationwide in his motor home instructing law enforcement, corrections and the U.S. Military in the use and applications of defense spray. Co-owner of Defensive Protection Systems, that manufacturers DPS defense spray for law enforcement, he developed RV Defense™ to protect Rv’ers against all types of predators while traveling the nation.



15’ Range – 4 shots

½oz Hard Shell Key-Chain
Has built-in clip for belt of purse
Item# HS01 in Black or Pink #HS02


15’ Range – 4 shots15’ Range – 4 shots

10’ Range Fog Spray

5oz High Emission Massive Spray Output
comes with Velcro tabs for mounting in coach
Item # HEF01

10’ Range Fog Spray

17’ Range – 10 shots

2oz Flip Top

Same Unit Law Enforcement Carries
(Belt clip holster - $5.00)
Item # FT04


17’ Range – 10 shots

¾ oz Key-Chain

¾ oz Key-Chain
Free window WARNING sticker “This coach protected” included with each purchase WARNING sticker
RV Defense Protection Kit  


A complete kit with a his (black) & hers (pink) personal hard-shell key-chain unit, 2 training units; 5 oz Mini-Magnum High Emission Unit w/ training unit; carrier case; and a training program on a USB flash-drive.

Item# RVDK005

Case attaches to belt or bicycle. Securely carries High Emission
5 oz. unit, wallet, keys and also provides a carrier loop for small flashlight.

Water resistant case is designed for mountain bikers, hikers, or any outdoor enthusiast.

Complete and detailed training program included on USB, a $95.00 value included with the kit.


RV Defense Protection Kit
RV Defense Protection Kit
RV Defense Protection Kit
RV Defense Protection Kit

JPX Jet Projector® Pepper Gun
Less Lethal Weapon System


The ultimate, high quality less lethal weapon protection system for ranges up to 23’ that spreads a 2.5’ pattern. Not Considered a Firearm by B.A.T.F., it can be legally carried in the United States* and is in use by hundreds of law enforcement and correctional agencies. The weapon has two rounds that can be fired with an inter-changeable, replacement barrel. The JPX also has a powerful laser sight system for accuracy and serious encounter intimidation.

[paddle holster available]

Item#JPXRV - $350.00 [ser#’d]

“Personal Safety isn’t Expensive – It is Priceless”

****All products made in U.S.A – Dealer Inquires Invited****

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